AustriaTech - Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd.


AustriaTech - Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd.

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Donau-City-Strasse 1, A-1220 Vienna

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Julia E. Düh

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National Autority

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AustriaTech promotes the fast technological development of the national mobility system.


The federal company works in partnership with Austrian infrastructure operators, mobility service providers, the economy and industry, as well as research facilities and authorities. AustriaTech is active with all operators and modes of transport and across borders.


The company envisages a modern, efficient and affordable mobility system. As such, it must contribute substantially to the improvement of individuals’ quality of life and of the economic competitiveness of the business location.

Priorities for international cooperation

The Business Unit for Thematic Priorities and ITS Innovation focuses on relevant topics and on setting priorities. It is important to support promising innovations in the Austrian and European mobility system.


This Business Unit participates in, and manages, strategically relevant international research, development and coordination projects. Constant monitoring of important themes for the implementation of ITS is necessary in this context, and support of developmental processes is just as vital.


The Business Unit also takes care of national interests when they need to be represented in an international context, such as common standards and roadmaps.

Participation in international networks

AustriaTech works as a neutral partner with all the players in the mobility system. This includes the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) and its departments, as well as the Austrian infrastructure companies and mobility operators. They are responsible for the development, planning and implementation of mobility and infrastructure solutions.


AustriaTech also works with Austrian industry and commercial companies which are concerned with the development and marketing of mobility and transport technology. Domestic research institutions dedicated to development and trials of mobility and transport technology are a significant part of this, as are the many international companies which market Austrian technologies.

Ongoing cooperation


Partner in INTERREG IVC project “RITS-Net”

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