Northern Portugal Regional Directorate for Culture


Northern Portugal Regional Directorate for Culture

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Casa de Ramalde, Rua Igreja de Ramalde, 4149-011 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 226197080 - Fax: (+351) 226179385 Praceta da Carreira, 5000-560 Vila Real, Portugal.

Tel.: (+351) 259330770 - Fax: (+351) 259330779

Internet site

Contact person

Carla Cruz -ccruz PIE culturanorte PUNKTS pt

Miguel Rodrigues – mcrodrigues PIE culturanorte PUNKTS pt

Legal status

Body governed by public law

Field of activities


The RDCN' s mission, in coordination with services and bodies of the Portuguese State in the area of culture, the creation of conditions of access to cultural goods, monitoring the activities and supervision of artistic production structures financed by services and bodies in the area of culture, monitoring of actions relating to safeguarding, promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage assets, movable and intangible, and support for museums.

Priorities for international cooperation

The exchange of experiences between organisms of award of the cultural heritage of different countries corresponds to a basic need in the sense of the increase of good practice and staff capacity.

Participation in international networks

Participation in European networks including INTERREG, POCTEP, CULTURE, and other organizations.

Ongoing cooperation


Cooperation with many organizations including Universities, Municipalities and Research Centres.



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