Baltic Loop


The Baltic Sea region is by nature dependent on well-developed transportation solutions for both goods and people due distances, geographical obstacles and peripheral locations in the Northeast of Europe. Advanced transportation network and system is increasingly the key for securing the prosperity, growth and development of the region.

Because of the climate change, there is a need for sustainable and greener emission reducing transport alternatives.


Global competition also requires faster transport times throughout the Central Baltic (CB) area.


At this moment the East-West corridors have not evolved to its full potential compared to North –South connections.


The focus of Baltic Loop Project is to improve travelling time of goods and people between three Project defined corridors (Northern, Middle and Southern) of Central Baltic area. Project covers three separate corridors: northern from Orebro – Turku – St.Petersburg, middle from Orebro – Tallin – St.Petersburg and southern from Orebro – Riga – St.Petersburg.

The main goal of the Project is to minimize travelling and cargo time and decrease emissions in the corridors to make the corridors more attractive to new businesses and innovations. The Baltic Loop Project focuses on developing solutions to transportation bottlenecks along the Est-West corridors to smoothen the transportation flows.