Boosting the circular transition (BSR BioBoosters)

Biobased businesses have a growing pressure for circular bioeconomy business models to keep up with the green transition, meet the demands of their customers and to find new business opportunities. However, the transition is slowing down due to lack of human resources and knowledge capacity in the rural regions of the Baltic Sea. More transnational co-operation and innovation services are needed for scaling up regional circular (and digital) bioeconomy solutions.



From November 30 to December 1, as part of the Baltic Sea region project "BioBoosters", the final stage of the Latvian pilot hackathon "Aloja Starkelsen" took place - a team competition in the development of a solution, in which the Finnish, Internationally operating software company "Pinja" won with the most suitable offer. 06.12.2023

As part of the Baltic Sea region project "BioBoosters", last week, on November 16, the "Aloja Starkelsen" hackathon "Kick-off" webinar took place, in which the selected teams, Latvian and foreign mentors, as well as representatives of the company Aloja Starkelsen Ltd. took part with their challenge presentation. 21.11.2023

If you are a technology company, IT product manager, warehouse and production equipment service specialist, student or researcher - join Aloja Starkelsen in solving the hackathon challenge to develop an efficient equipment service and spare parts warehouse maintenance system and fight for the opportunity to sign a system supply contract with "Aloja Starkelsen" Ltd. 31.10.2023

The registration is now open to develop the best solution and innovations in improving the operation of the CMMS system for the Aloja Starkelsen hackathon challenge.


As part of the Baltic Sea region project "BioBoosters", Vidzeme Planning region in cooperation with "Aloja Starkelsen"Ltd. invites technology companies, IT product managers and planners, logistics, warehouse and production facilities service and planning specialists, student teams and researchers to participate in the informative webinar of hackathon challenge call, which will take place on October 12.

Join the introduction webinar and learn about the challenge to solve it and develop an efficient system for servicing equipment and maintaining a spare parts warehouse! 04.10.2023

“Aloja Starkelsen” Ltd invites you to find solutions for a more efficient and sustainable production process through a planned CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) system and a logical strategy for equipment servicing and spare parts warehouse maintenance, while creating a streamlined and easy-to-operate programme.

Join the event to solve the challenge and develop an efficient system for servicing equipment and maintaining a spare parts warehouse!


Launched in January 2023, BioBoosters – Boosting Circular Transition – project connects 9 regions with strong bioeconomy innovation ecosystems to help circular bioeconomy business transition in Baltic Sea Region with a Hackathon service. The partnership involves business clusters, science and business parks, NGOs, sectoral agencies, and innovation platforms of higher education institutes that are all key meeting places and connectors of their regional bioeconomy innovation ecosystems. Partners are strongly connected in business and research fields and have a strong knowhow on innovation processes.