Creative Bloom: Empowering female creative entrepreneurs


In the regions of both Latvia and Estonia, there is less employment and individual business forms for women, but large national cultural heritage of different forms of creative skills and vocations. One of the potential development groups are women who have the knowledge and experience for their creative pursuits but may not be able to move on toward their own entrepreneurship. To change the situation, it is necessary to develop knowledge and skill capacity, the lack of which creates challenges for business development. 

The project aims to empower new creative female entrepreneurs over 40 years of age in Ida-Viru region, Estonia, and Vidzeme region, Latvia, and give them the freedom and self-confidence on the labour market. More specifically, the partners plan to increase the entrepreneurship of at least 20 ladies, 10 from each country, with the help of a tailor-made entrepreneurship programme in the field of creative industries carried out in cross-border cooperation.

Title Creative Bloom: Empowering female creative entrepreneurs
Abbreviation Creative Bloom
Lead Partner Ida-Viru Ettevõtluskeskus (EE)
Programme Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027

1. Ida-Viru Ettevõtluskeskus (EE)
2. Vidzeme Planning Region (LV)


To promote entrepreneurship for women in the creative industries in the region, especially as sole traders or in small businesses.


1. To provide training and individual consultations with professionals and experts of the creative industry for acquiring and supplementing new knowledge;

2. To organize experience exchange trips between the Ida-Viru and Vidzeme regions, presenting examples of good practice, establishing new contacts;

3. To hold public events in cooperation between regions, creating discussions between representatives of creative industries. 

Successfully completed creative industries entrepreneurship programme with the key beneficiaries being the ladies, who will complete the programme and create or develop their entrepreneurship.


Total budget: 213 398,38 EUR

ERDF funding: 170 718,70 EUR

VPR budget: 89 796,80 EUR
Implementation Period


Contact Person

Ineta Tauriņa

+371 26 382 820