Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances (HANSA)


Cross-border cooperation is the only way to give impact for small destinations on the international tourism market. In the HANSA project, the hanseatic heritage will be developed for its great cultural value from three perspectives: the local, the national and the international. On the local level the existing attractions are made known to a broader public. The national perspective aims at bringing cities and their attractions together to strengthen the national tourism product and offer interesting packages. Finally, the international perspective aims at development of cross-border tourism packages.

The project will do branding activities, create materials, and disseminate information online and via tourism organisations and info centres promoting the hanseatic history as well as the Baltic Sea region as an attractive place to see and learn more about it. The project will also strive for linking the local attractions to a wider European context of hanseatic history.

The project outcomes will include more tourism packages based on cross-border cooperation, more visitors to the destinations, a prolonged tourism season as cultural tourism is all-year-round tourism and improved economy including more jobs.



Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances



Lead partner

Inspiration Gotland (Sweden)

Programme Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020



Region Gotland (Sweden)

Parnu City Government (Estonia)

Viljandi Town Government (Estonia)

Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre (Latvia)

Koknese Local Municipality (Latvia)

Limbaži Municipality (Latvia)

Pārgauja Municipality (Latvia)

Valmiera City Council (Latvia)

Kuldīga Municipality (Latvia)

Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia)


  • To make the Hanseatic heritage visible
  • To make the Hansa a leading brand for tourism in the Baltic Sea Region
  • To develop new interesting tourism products


  • Detailed Hansa history research in the project teritorry
  • Development of new tourism packages
  • Promotion of tourism packages and routes
  • Ensuring marketing and information accessibility


  • More visitors all year round
  • The label Hansa Culinary combines Hanseatic heritage with good local food
  • Interesting biking, walking and trekking tours to attract people from far and near


Total – 2 180 939 EUR

Vidzeme Planning Region - 165 021 EUR

Implementation period

01.10.2015 – 31.12.2018

Contact person

Rūta Ročāne

Tel. +371 64116007


Project webpage http://www.hanse.org/en/ExploreHANSA/