Long distance cross-border hiking trail “The Forest Trail” (Forest Trail)

56 % of the Vidzeme Planning Region territory is covered by forests. The rich natural capital is a competitive advantage for the Vidzeme region and an important resource for the development of active and recreational tourism.
The Forest Trail project is being implementedIn order to use this resource and promote the region as an active and natural tourist destination.


The project activities will improve the nature tourism infrastructure in the region and attract tourists with the new long distance hiking trail, thus supporting local tourism entrepreneurs and improving the region' s economic competitiveness. Encouraging hiking will also promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle among the population. The route will take ~ 1050 km from Riga to Tallinn through the Gauja National Park, the protected areas of the Northern Gauja and Veclaicene, the Seto area in Estonia, along Lake Peipus and the coast of the Northern Estonia.