Promotion of cluster cooperation for the business development in Nordic-Baltic region


Promoting collaboration among food sector SME’s, academia and public organizations regionally and on European level

Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR), a regional administrative authority, responsible for planning and implementation of regional policies and regional development measures, acts as a coordinator for the development of “Vidzeme high added value and healthy food cluster” (Vidzeme Food Cluster).

Development of the cluster was initiated in 2010 by three entities: “Riga Stradins University”, Research Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine „Sigra” and VPR.  Currently it is a “triple helix” network of more than 28 partners: food and drinks sector SME’s, R&D institutions and supporting public entities, all collaborating on the basis of mutual cooperation agreement.

Important milestones:

  • Cluster established on a basis of cooperation agreement in 2010.
  • Close cooperation with other food cluster organizations in Baltic Sea region started in 2011.
  • Cluster integrated in BSR Stars project: «BSR FOOD: BSR Food Cluster Network around the Baltic Sea» in 2012.

Key activity areas of the Vidzeme Food cluster are:

  • Development of local collaboration between cluster’s participants
  • Development of high added value, healthy and safe food and drinks products
  • Development of technologies for food safety  and food research
  • Increasing public awareness of high added value and healthy food
  • Development of  international collaboration with food clusters in Baltic Sea region
  • Development collaboration with other industry clusters in Latvia

„Vidzeme high added value and healthy food cluster” is a triple helix network which fosters development of new high added value and healthy food and drinks products, promotes knowledge transfer  between R&D institutions and SME’s, allows development and implementation of new projects and  helps SME’s to internationalize their activities and find business partnerships in Baltic Sea Region.

Cluster is actively collaborating with other Food cluster organizations across the Baltic Sea region. We are proud to be partners with cluster organizations that are part of “BSR Food” Network, such as Centers of expertise forming the food development cluster in Finland, „Ideon Agroo Food” in Sweden, “Agro Tech” in Denmark, “Bio-Competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products” in Estonia and Kaunas University of Technology “Competence Centre for Food Research and Technology” in Lithuania.  We are also proud about collaboration, started in 2013, with partners in the “Baltfood” cluster network.

Vidzeme Food Cluster is open to new partnerships and we are constantly working to broaden our cooperation network.

In October 2012, we were fortunate to receive a training course on cluster development from one of the world’s leading experts in the field: Mr. Ifor Ffowcs Williams (CEO of „Cluster Navigators”) and we are constantly following his „5 stage, 12 step „ cluster development process formula.

“Vidzeme high added value and healthy food cluster” is open for new participants, especially food sector SME’s, and we are strongly focused to grow, participate in new projects and further strengthen our network, both:  regionally and on European level.




Participants in our cluster network:



Ltd. «Aloja Starkelsen» (potato starch products)


Ltd. «Konso» (project development & consultation)


Ltd. «Valmiermuižas alus» (beer)


Ltd. «Valmiera Organize» (berry products)


Ltd. «Valmiermuižas pils» (gourmettourism)


Ltd. «Perfecto» (seed cookies)


Ltd. «Dimdiņi» (vegetable products)


Ltd. «Felici» (muesli)


Ltd. «Skrīveru saldumi» (sweets)


Farm «Veckūkuri» (dairy products)


Ltd. «Very Berry» (berry products)


Farm «Jāņakalni» (berry products)


Farm «Gundegas» (berry products)


Ltd. “Smiltenes sidra darītava” (cider) 

Ltd. «Shpats&Sons» (berry products)


Farm «Ķelmēni» (bread & pastry)


Ltd. “E & E” (extracts and vinegar)


Ltd. “Sula”  (birch sap drinks) 

Farm “Pīlādži” (fruits and berry wine)


 Ltd. "NG Līnija" (apiculture products)

Ltd. "Rozīne" (ice cream)





R&D institutions

  • State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute
  • Riga Stradins University
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
  • The Institute for Environmental Solutions

Supporting entities:

  • Latvian Nutrition and Dietetics Association
  • Association of Wildlife Animals Breeders
  • Latvian Fruit-grower Association




Kristaps Ročāns
Project manager
Vidzeme Planning Region
Jāņa Poruka street 8-108,Cēsis, Latvia +371 29753011