Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea region (BalticBiomass4Value)

Bioenergy remains a central element in the renewable energy mix policies in Europe. Nevertheless, the extensive use of biomass for energy raises a number of sustainability risks and economic viability questions. These concerns include potential harmful impacts of bioenergy expansion on the environment, in particular on biodiversity and ecosystems, air emissions, soil fertility and water.

Other major concerns include inefficient uses of biomass for energy, neglecting potentially higher value-added non-energy uses of biomass, and disregard for opportunities to extend circularity in bio-based production.

Therefore, the project aims to enhance capacity of public and private actors within the BSR to produce bioenergy in more environmentally sustainable and economically viable way, by utilizing new biomass sources (chiefly, biological waste) for energy production, as well as possibilities to use bioenergy side streams for high value bio-products.