Regional Council of North Karelia


Regional Council of North Karelia

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Siltakatu 2, Pielisjoen linna, 80100 Joensuu, Finland

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Contact person

Ms. Ulla Äänismaa, Project Manager
Pielisjoen linna, Siltakatu 2
FI-80100 Joensuu, FINLAND
Tel. +358 40 594 2601
Fax +358 13 267 4748
E-mail ulla.aanismaa PIE pohjois-karjala PUNKTS fi

Legal status

Regional Public Authority

Field of activities


Regional development and interest supervision, general coordination of regional development programmes, regional planning, promotion of the recognizability of the region.

Priorities for international cooperation

Regional Council of North Karelia has close cooperation with the Republic of Karelia and several European regions. One of the development aims is to widen the cooperation scope to the rest of the world. In addition, expertise on Russia will be increased. The proximity of Russia offers many possibilities to the region.

Participation in international networks

Participates in several European networks:

  • AER, Assembly of European Regions
  • AEBR, Association of European Border Regions
  • Eris@, The European Regional Information Society Association
  • ERRIN, The European Regions Research and Innovation Network (through East Finland EU Office)
  • NEEBOR, Network of Eastern External Border Regions
  • NSPA - Network of Northern Sparsely Populated Areas (through East Finland EU Office)

Ongoing cooperation


Regional Council of North Karelia participates in several international and national projects. Currently it is taking part in the following international projects:

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