Alytus district municipality


Alytus district municipality

Coat of arms or logo



Pulko street 21, LT-62133 Alytus, Lithuania

Internet site

Contact person

Sonata Dumbliauskiene, Head of foreign affairs and investment division, phone +370 315 55548, fax +370 315 74716, e-mail: s.dumbliauskiene PIE arsa PUNKTS lt

Legal status

Local public authority

Field of activities


According national local public authorities legal acts there are many activities what municipality has to provide for community members: such as, construction and maintenance of municipal roads, including the provision and maintenance of the related drains, bridges, side-walks and street-signs, street-lighting, provision and maintenance of minor water courses, maintenance and control of sewage system, public recreation areas, parks and squares, schools, kinder gardens, tourism development, seeking for investments to public infrastructure, strategic and spatial planning, social care service development (elderly houses, care centers), support for SME, agriculture, international cooperation and other. 

Priorities for international cooperation

Main purpose for the partnership/cooperation:

  • Informal education for children and youths through after-school and summer activities.
  • Restoration and adaptation for the cultural heritage (historic villages, churches, etc.), including revitalizing and teaching of Lithuanian traditional handicrafts (thatchery, carpentry, etc.).
  • Cooperation in culture, sport, tourism, schools and art through joint events.
  • Partnership in development for SME support (joint conferences, fairs), social security for elderly, medical care.
  • Transfer of experience and strengthening of co-operation among local, regional, international partners.
  • Strengthening the administrative and public service capacities of regional and local authorities and their institutions.

Participation in international networks


Ongoing cooperation


With HISTCAPE partners –

Pisz Powiat, Pisz gmina, Orzysz gmina, Punsk gmina, Giby gmina, Monki gmina in Poland, Voronovo district municipality in Belarus, Momonovo city municipality in Kaliningrad Oblast (Russian Federation)



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