Jogeva county development centre


Jogeva county development centre

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3, Suur Street Jogeva,
Jogeva county development centre

Tel.: +372 7768060
E-pasts: info PIE jaek PUNKTS ee

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Contact person

Teele Kaeramaa

Project specialist
Tel.: +372 5817 2185
E-mail: teele PIE jaek PUNKTS ee

Field of activities


Mission of development centre is to promote a broad and balanced development by supporting research through a variety of support and brokerage activities as well as participating in projects. Also institution provides opportunities for business education and training in various courses.

Participation in international networks

European Union-funded projects funds, Estonian - Latvian - Russian border cooperation programme

Ongoing cooperation


Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross-border  Cooperation Programme, partner in the project „Via Hanseatica”


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