The General Council of Lower Rhine


The General Council of Lower Rhine



Place du Quartier Blanc

67964 Strasbourg cedex 9



Internet site

Contact person

Gaelle Lebarbu

Chargée d' affaires of international cooperation

00 33 88 76 65 58

e-mail: gaelle.lebarbu PIE cg67 PUNKTS fr


Rūta Vasermane

Vidzeme/ Lower Rhine cooperation coordinator

GSM: 00371 28650553

e-mail: dace.resele PIE vidzeme PUNKTS lv

Legal status

Local authority

Field of activities


The Basic functions of the General Council  of Lower Rhine is to assure the  functioning of public school transport, the maintenance of departmental roads, the construction of primary education establishments and their maintenance, all kind of activities in the field of social care.

There are 44 Council members elected once in 6 years (each from one canton).

The annual budget of the Council is formed of inhabitant taxes and partly financed by the state.



Priorities for international cooperation

Cross-border cooperation, youth, sports, education, tourism, culture, nature protection


Participation in international networks


Ongoing cooperation


On 20 April 2005 the agreement between Vidzeme Region and Lower Rhine department was concluded.

To assure the cooperation, a position of a cooperation coordinator was established in the Administration of Vidzeme Vidzeme.

During the last three years, 20 projects have been implemented in the fields of tourism, social care, culture, sports, youth and education.   




Strasbourg Cathedral, a publicity photo of the General Council

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