Municipal Agency “Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre”


Municipal Agency “Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre”

Coat of arms or logo



1, Baznīcas Square

Cēsis, Cēsis municipality



Internet site

Contact person

Ilona Asare

Project Manager

Tel.: +371  27878275

E-mail: ilona.asare PIE cesis PUNKTS lv

Legal status

Municipal agency

Field of activities

Tourism and culture

Priorities for international cooperation

The main objective of the municipal agency „Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre” is to take care of preserving the culture heritage of Cēsis and to use it in educating the society, thus promoting the development of culture and tourism in Cēsis area. The Agency consists of three institutions – the Cēsis History and Art Museum, the Cēsis Culture Centre and the Cēsis Tourism Development and Information Centre, as well as it manages the most important tourism site – the complex of Cēsis Castle, which includes the New Castle (the 18th cent.), the Medieval Castle (the 13th cent.), the Exhibition Hall and two parks – the May Park and the Castle Park.

Participation in international networks

EU cross-border cooperation projects 

Ongoing cooperation


Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross-border  Cooperation Programme, partner in the project „Via Hanseatica”



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