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Valmiera City Council

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2, Lāčplēša Street

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Maija Zālamane
Project Manager
Tel.: +371 26494959
E-mail: maija.zalamane PIE valmiera PUNKTS lv

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Local municipality

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Valmiera is an industrial city - the centre of entrepreneurship in Vidzeme region as the majority of its largest enterprises are located in Valmiera. Already since the beginning of the 20th century the largest manufacturing and trading enterprises of regional and also national importance that are well - known beyond the borders of Latvia have centred in Valmiera. Companies of Valmiera are the largest employers not only of the residents of Latvia, but also of the region. Chemical and textile industry, food production, metalworking, manufacturing of furniture and other types of enterprises call Valmiera their hometown.

Trading and service infrastructure is highly developed. As a booming industrial town, Valmiera is also one of the greenest towns in Latvia thus proving the existence of  a balanced and sustainable development of industrial territories and natural environment provided that the development is based on the principles of interest coordination and partnership – efficient cooperation between the municipality, business people and the society, as well as the ability to attract the EU funding for long-term projects that are important for the society, economy and the city environment. The available transport infrastructure and the territorial location give Valmiera every opportunity to become a significant motorway and railway junction in the Northeast, as well options to attract intellectual potential from the region.

Priorities for international cooperation

All functions related to local municipalities

Participation in international networks

EU cross-border cooperation projects

Ongoing cooperation

Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross-border  Cooperation Programme, partner in the project „Via Hanseatica”


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