Sigulda Municipality Council


Sigulda Municipality Council

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16, Pils Street

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Contact person

Laura Konstante
Director of Sigulda Tourism Development Agency
Tel.: +371 28357158
E-mail: laura.konstante PIE sigulda PUNKTS lv 

Legal status

Local municipality

Field of activities


Sigulda offers breathtaking mountain slopes for those seeking adrenaline. Sigulda pleases with long exciting journeys into the past. Sigulda plays emotionally exciting musical events for different tastes.

Situated on both banks of the ancient valley of the Gauja River, Sigulda is one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia. It has enticed visitors from all over the world to see the breathtaking view across the valley with their own eyes and discover the unique attractions that are situated in large numbers at close range all over Sigulda and its surroundings for centuries.

Sigulda thrills. Whether it would be mankind’s age-old dream of flying or devotion to the true joys of winter, Sigulda has made every effort to provide exhilarating activities for every traveller. Are you ready for it?

Priorities for international cooperation

All functions related to local municipalities

Participation in international networks

EU cross-border cooperation projects

Ongoing cooperation

Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross-border  Cooperation Programme, partner in the project „Via Hanseatica”



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